Total of 233 TFs Exposed in MEF

Transcription Factor Description Expression Level(Fot*1010 Log change) Annotation
First repetition
Baz2b bromodomain adjacent to zinc finger domain 3.834
Bcl6b B-cell CLL/lymphoma 6 member B protein 5.285
Bptf bromodomain PHD finder transcription factor 2.298
Cbfb core-binding factor subunit beta isoform 1 5.326
Cdc5l cell division cycle 5-like protein 3.681
Cebpb CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein beta 3.597
Cebpd CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein delta 4.412
Cebpz CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein zeta 3.17
Cic protein capicua homolog isoform a 2.082
Clock circadian locomoter output cycles protein kaput 4.823
Creb1 cyclic AMP-responsive element-binding protein 1 isoform A 3.957
Creb3l1 cyclic AMP-responsive element-binding protein 3-like protein 1 3.869
Csde1 cold shock domain-containing protein E1 isoform 1 2.878
Cux1 protein CASP isoform b 4.458
Dlx5 homeobox protein DLX-5 isoform 1 3.047
Dmap1 DNA methyltransferase 1-associated protein 1 2.868
Dmtf1 cyclin-D-binding Myb-like transcription factor 1 isoform 1 2.629
Dnajc1 DnaJ heat shock protein family (Hsp40) member C1 2.604
Dnajc2 dnaJ homolog subfamily C member 2 1.747
Dr1 protein Dr1 3.939